Catch Notes

Catch Notes 5.0.1

A multimedia notebook for your phone

Catch Notes is a project management app for your Android smartphone. View full description


  • Facebook integration
  • Add a password to your notes
  • Create photo, voice, and text notes


  • Privacy settings via Facebook can be tricky to configure


Catch Notes is a project management app for your Android smartphone.

If you're always getting good ideas while on the go, you probably know the frustration of having to stop to write them down in a hard copy notebook. Catch Notes eliminates this problem by giving you a variety of different ways to jot down your thoughts and ideas, all via your cell phone.

Like other note taking apps, you can compile your notes in text with Catch Notes. The app offers other great alternatives as well though. You can take pictures, track your current GPS location, and even record a voice message to yourself if you don't have your hands free. Catch Notes' capture wheel is a great feature that lets you instantly pick the mode you want to take notes in with one simple touch.

You can also organize your different projects by color into separate sections in the app. Connecting via Facebook allows you to share your notes with your friends. If you'd prefer to keep them private, you can also password protect your various notes, as well as hashtag them for easier searching capabilities later on.

Catch Notes is a multi-formatted way to compile your ideas on the go.

Catch Notes


Catch Notes 5.0.1